[Music] welcome back to what's inside i am dan and this is lincoln and this is eric anders lang from random golf club films egg golfing youtube expert and while he's here i'm like should we break open what could we take apart and see what's inside of that's golf related we happen to have the strangest looking putter that i've ever seen this is a magic putter listen it sounds hollow in there you hear that what's inside of it eric have you ever held one of these things i have not held it i've seen it okay i'm curious there's the putter head so i mean it looks it looks like a putter when you just look at it say you have the ball in the ground and then you walk up to it and you're about to put and then i'm like yeah why don't you take a look at that line and see if it works why don't you stand behind the ball and look at it it literally stays there this is not a david blaine magic trick oh see i can actually see that i made him too far i could see that i was gonna miss that putt you could just keep moving it keep moving the clubface until you're ready i'm gonna make this putt i'd be willing to bet i've never been on this green i'd be willing to bet something maybe a tres leches cake that i'm gonna make this pie [Applause] this video is not sponsored by this company it's called bloodline putter and the reason why we came across this thing is because i saw a pro-am golf tournament where an amateur was using this putter he did quite well in the pro-am and people on social media were posting this saying this is not fair this is against the rules this should be banned and so it wasn't banned it's still something that everybody can do people put lines on their balls is that kind of the same as lining up your putter before you putt here comes putt number two pure pure this is crazy what is this made out of the real magic is this is incredibly light the shaft is yeah and then the head is a lot heavier so when you do lift take your hand up it naturally just stands there so i want to break this apart see what's inside of it see how it works and we are going to have a professional scale weigh the shaft away the club head and really identify how it works versus a regular putter he's still looking at this thing i can't stop so eric question for you have you ever broken a club i have it was a mistake i i was mad and i threw the six iron and it snapped when it hit the object immediate embarrassment yes i have because you're here i have a request this is a nice it's a very nice scotty cameron titleist putter right here it even has three flame emojis on the back i don't want you to hurt yourself how would you break it you think it's over the knee i feel like it would maybe not so much the bone on the knee i would kind of maybe go for the thigh like fine like i mean like right there i don't i think it's just gonna just shatter away i want to see you miss a putt and do it okay does that work this is your one chance to break a club yeah i am i am lefty okay so i'm gonna act it out do not try this at home okay this is a re-enactment it's a reenactment for a million dollars [Laughter] did that hurt i kind of no were you scared and didn't do it as hard or is it just this is i think i may have backed off it a little bit should i try it i won't try anything you gotta give it a try damn let's see it's scary [Music] oh i can't believe i missed that what is this i hate golf look i was stuck in the grease this is already a light shaft but this bloodline one the magic one is going to be even lighter than this so we need to weigh these out this is metal clearly so i'm curious what the bloodline one is what is this so yeah i did this i feel a little bad i don't do this to green so often oh that's not bad actually lincoln can you fix that link they are shutting down this course for a month to reseed everything this is the putter i like the idea at the end of the day like some people will spend hundreds of dollars sometimes thousands of dollars on a putter in reality you have to use the putter that works best for you that you're used to the feel when it's whether it's a 20 foot putt or a three foot putt if you're not confident with it it's not going to help your game the putter you hit more than any other club in the round so you do it yeah good reason to make sure that you love it or if you hate it get it out of there we're going to take this home to our studio break the shaft a little better weigh it and weigh this one way the heads we'll let eric know the results he's going on a road trip right now moving from la to austin gonna make some really cool road trip content i'm pumped to see our video that we filmed yesterday so if you haven't checked it out go check it out make sure you subscribe to this guy's channel golf content deserves more views from people and this isn't like he's going to review a club and something you don't know anything about he's going to take you to some of the most unique places in the world and it's like a travel vlog that has golf in it i like to say to people oh you don't play golf yet so just watch a couple videos and see maybe you'll like it all right let's go check this out now we're back at the studio i have the scotty cameron putter which if you don't golf um scotty cameron is a really really good putter now the cool thing is we know that this one is the magic stand-up putter but now that the shaft is off of this one check it out the scotty cameron is now the magic putter and does the similar thing and basically just by this little example i can show you how this magic putter works it's really really heavy down here and then really really light the whole way up to the grip by making it that light that's what makes it be able to just stand there sit there and it doesn't move after eric left lincoln and i went and played 18 holes and i used only this putter usually with most clubs you don't have this much weight at the bottom and so i was hitting it a little different at the beginning but then once i started lining it up and i got a feel for how to go back and forth i actually really really like this head one of the reasons why people like the scotty cameron is because if they hit it right in this spot it's incredibly well balanced and it hits well but if you're like me an average golfer and you hit with the ball right here or right here on the outsides the ball is going to not hit as good it's going to go in a different direction this bloodline putter the magic putter is incredibly forgiving because it's so heavy and it's so weighted you can see the weights that are down on the bottom on both sides whether you hit it right here right here or right here your ball still goes mostly on the line that you want it to go on do i love this putter i actually kind of do i'm about to destroy this but i think i'm going to buy another one just because i want to really test it out we have a non-magic scale this is basically just gonna weigh it and tell us what is that i have these clippers we've already broke this scotty cameron there's two parts to a putter there's the putter head and then there's the shaft we broke this shaft mostly see if we can break it the rest of the way oh my gosh okay let's turn it a little bit give it a little more of a pinchy pinch probably could have found a better tool for this oh yeah oh hello that actually scared me i'm actually more sad about breaking this than i am the scottie cameron here we go oh my gosh that is so easy that is so easy it's definitely not metal that was so simple this shaft is made out of carbon fiber fiberglass i mean look at that it's all over the place just the fiberglass just broke this is so light i feel like it's gonna float away this thing's so light shaft number one what is the number this is the scotty camera check okay sit stay this is six ounces heavy how heavy is the bloodline 1.

4 ounces almost five times less weight than this i mean this is insane it's like light lighter than cardboard about an iphone 11 6.

6 ounces so this iphone is actually heavier than that almost as heavy as it's got a camera shaft yeah there's a clear difference now that i'm holding both of the putter heads i don't feel that much of a difference which makes me think could you take a fiberglass shaft and put it on a scottie cameron putter head if you're somebody that loves a scottie cameron you could probably put this on there and still put let's let the scale tell us what the math is scotty cameron the coveted fire three flame emojis on the back of this 12.

3 ounces this is the bloodline okay maybe it is a little bit heavier actually 13.

7 there's only 1.

4 ounces lighter than what this is so i thought this head was just crazy crazy heavy but in reality it's very similar to what your traditional putter is the secret sauce for this putter is all in the shaft the thing that i do like about the bloodline head though is that it does have these lines on it and i think the weight is more evenly distributed along the entire thing the magic putter review is in would i ever put this in my bag absolutely this is not a gimmick it is actually a decent putter which i did not expect that i was like let's just go ahead and get this gimmicky putter and give it a shot this thing is legit and it's something that if you are a golfer and you want to use something that could give you an advantage this could do it you can line up your putts you can stand behind it behind it it's already one thing to see the line on the ball when it's lined up but when you can see your putter head in the face and see where it's lined up it's a whole new ball game so this is not a gimmick the bloodline putter is actually really cool and i would put it in my bag couple things that you need to check out we put a video on the family channel where we did a short game challenge inside of the golf simulator against eric anders lang me lincoln eric really really fun and then also the two videos on eric's channel where we play the 18 best holes in southern utah our hometown one of the greatest golf adventures that i've ever done even more fun than playing at death valley with 131 degrees so make sure you go check that out on his channel if you like his videos give him a subscribe give him a like let him know that you came from us and let us know what else you think we should do when it comes to golf i feel like i should be able to break it it's so light but i can't break it nope can't break it alright thanks for watching see y'all [Music] even if you are a left-handed golfer you can use this and drain putts lincoln would make this maybe 10 of the time but now as a right-handed golfer it makes it 0 of the time.