As you know, volleyball is the killer of knee joints hello There is only a line between national pride and national inferiority This topic is difficult to say But I've always had this topic in mind And after watching a movie recently, The words came back to me The movie is Leap directed by Peter Chan.

Translated name at Chinese is the championship It's about the Chinese women's Volleyball team In fact, there are two scenes in it, which impressed me very much One scene is after Lang Ping retired Lived in the United States for a while One day, she went to the supermarket to do some shopping Then she parked the car in a disabled parking space When she finished her shopping, the bags were large When she got back to her car, a foreigner came up to her and said You're not supposed to park in a handicapped space.

You need to move it Lang ping took out her disability certificate from the car That foreigner is quite shocked, say you look so young, look good ah, why can be disabled Lang Ping told him that I actually practice sports.

That's why it happened The foreigner is still shocked, ask after all is what sport event Lang Ping told him, I practice volleyball Foreigner say: why practice volleyball can make you become so 'Yeah, I don't know why it changed me, ' Lang ping said I think this is a very emotional sentence, also let me very distressed Because as we all know, the golden age of athletes is very short They most often say a sentence is: it is wast time, if not try my best So the training every time, they need to try their best, excessive, breakthrough self It is easily injured, even a lifelong injury As we know, volleyball is the killer of knee joints Because lateral, fast, bouncing, and sudden stops, all of this kind of sports that can be very damaging to the knee I don't know how many times a day they takes to train like this So every team member's training requirements are very strict Sometimes I even wonder if I should team member feel distressed Because sometimes you practice so hard and you don't see a significant change Lang Ping sighed crazy, shaking their head, crying Sharing their thoughts with different coaches We all meet a limit To this, Liangping also has preparation She says the players still can't have negative emotions We should try to say something positive Of course, Lang Ping is also said Sometimes, even the coach notice it is impossible Must change, think about whether the problem is because training method Lang Ping has also been urging her team to be patient, maybe one day they break through Another scene: Lang Ping reinstated as China's women's volleyball coach in 2013 She told them: early days, all of us thought about was winning the championship.

If we finished second, we lost Now we think about why, because at that time the Chinese people's confidence was not enough Self-esteem is fragile, we need one champion, one gold medal to prove ourselves, to prove that we are not worse than others I think her words are very honest Because for national pride We have been infinite in Chinese composition since childhood Sometime we have been indoctrinated, sometimes we have expressed our own national pride And boundless expansion of this kind of national pride But happiness, sorrow, are human's nature In fact, an inflated sense of national pride probably stems from a lack of confidence Then I think the good thing about this film is that Peter Chan is not like some mainland directors With so powerful and heroic tone, say a word Or with contradictory state of wanting to be both critical and present in making the film He's not, he observing and describing The film talk about the success and failure of Chinese women's Volleyball team in the way of observation There is not always draw the great image after the success of the women's volleyball team It is a constant reminder of the intensity of competition In the beginning, it tells the tragic situation of Chinese sports before the first world championship of Chinese women's volleyball team Facilities conditions After the women's volleyball team won the championship for five times in a row in the 1980s, the movie focused on the stage when the women's volleyball team was in decline Told the out of date method, will bring the spirit of decay The Chinese women's Volleyball Team has been attracting a lot of attention It also includes many overseas Chinese The film was shown in Singapore And, of course, it brings back memories of a generation In fact, I think the spirit of women's Volleyball is also prevalent among overseas Chinese we do not want to lag behind others, do not want others to say we weak Although at the beginning, our material conditions, even the technology can not compare with others But we have a humble heart, willing to learn And Then I think it's time not to be inflated by the so-called national pride Be cheated by the once glorious self Still like the Chinese women's Volleyball team, we should keep our feet on the ground and recognize where our shortcomings lie Continuous efforts, so that it is possible to continue the progress Why does the Chinese women's Volleyball team receive so much attention What exactly is this spirit? Let's take a look Since the founding of new China, women's volleyball has been developed under the promotion of the whole country In 1964, we even invited a Japanese coach to teach us how to “float the hook”.

I only found the information of the male's volleyball, this trick is simply but great Two months to go We are going to face the great power of Japan and South Korea A rival with perfect logistics But the Chinese women's volleyball team is in a drafty bamboo shed Wear cotton protectors Making arduous preparations for war To be honest, when Chinese women's Volleyball Team has just started its business As with all projects It's tough.

It's hard Coaches and players know that Before change of condition It's up to you to make a difference If you make achievement Conditions will change for you So at that time, the Chinese women's volleyball team was in class five In the morning in Chenzhou The players had hardly had time to comb their hair when they opened their eyes They are going to practice one hundred and fifty serves Even work so hard Coach Yuan Weimin still shouted Your skill is so poor , It's let the opponent score for nothing Although the training condition is inferior to the opponent But Yuan Weimin's training requirement No lower than any other team Yuan Weimin knew if we was going to beat the Japanese This strong-willed opponent The first thing to do is to win in style of play.