[Music] boom [Music] get some boom super shot everybody [Music] hmm [Music] be sure to hit that thumbs up button that would be very kind [Music] so [Music] get in the hole [Music] boom [Music] don't forget to subscribe and follow the channel everybody [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] boom [Music] [Music] so [Music] everybody [Music] everybody [Music] be sure to hit that thumbs up button that would be very kind [Music] get [Music] don't forget everybody [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] don't forget [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] get in the home [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] be sure to hit that thumbs up button that will be very [Music] there we go welcoming everybody welcome welcome welcome my new airpods i don't know if you can see there we go airpods you know green screen is really making this uh everything that i have a different color love it glad to see you all glad to see you all hopefully you can hear me properly hopefully you can see me properly we're going to play rude to glory episode 18 and it's time today to max out tour nine it's about freaking time right and you know you see here already that this is the bag that we're playing with door 73 sniper six goliath fight torn five what does that mean then it means that we will lose some games because of that but the plan is always to win more than we lose and obviously sometimes i'm going to have to play in a different way than i normally do we just adapt to uh my clubs and hopefully we can get up to two or ten today it would be nice to get up to two or ten and get our asses kicked a little bit you know hey tommy you make me want to play this game again after a raid quit about two years and christopher what happened what happened yeah i do have a delay of 30 seconds we're trying to fix that we have i there it's something with restream um um there's something with restream i don't really know what what it is but uh something is up with it so we're trying to fix that obviously so i've been doing a lot of improvements here i have some new ones uh newer headphones here uh instead of my old red ones i have an ipad stand here now to use to a clash caddy category guides and stuff like that so [Music] and so uh nikkilar welcome everybody ben my bro welcome elena a hat away welcome mubarak welcome buddy aaron thank you so much for stopping appreciate that buddy welcome we are 300 people away from 70k so if you haven't subbed make sure you do that uh robbie thank you so much morning to you everybody adam tinker thank you for good luck uh appreciate that appreciate that big time so yes you know in the end though guys i don't know if you all saw the the message that the community manager did on reddit yesterday he basically said that we will have an update in the end of the month with new wind changes with the new bracketing and also something else it seems like so and and the thing is though the wind changes can be very interesting and thank god to be lucky to be having the ultimate tournament guides on patreon because we will adapt and we will be providing changes to our guides among like when this the win changes are coming and um there will be an announcement on patreon because there's gonna be a lot more work so um there's gonna be some different going into november but everyone that has the package in october will most likely get uh not most likely but they will get everything included in october obviously and if we do have a tournament with the win changes included you will be able to try it out for the price that you pay today that's going to be very interesting uh i don't know if you have seen it what do you think about it are you ready yeah team north germany welcome in there stevo welcome buddy goop my bro welcome tom archers welcome uh no iron we're not gonna talk liverpool not after the last loss i'm gonna wait until we win the next next one martin pen remade welcome three harry welcome crank cram welcome in here all the way from germany not that far away from sweden though but a bit okay so we're gonna play here now uh i'm just gonna try to i'm i'm not used with having this ipad stand here so i'm gonna see so it's not in my way so we're gonna try to play with the one balls and save the power three balls especially the king makers um i played the golden shot i played it this wednesday unfortunately i only have a free shot to play so we're just gonna jump in directly we have 80 trophies left to go which means that we need to win four games but like we need to win four game four more games than we lose hm turkey you're able to do that you know i hope that people taking this road to glory in a way of uh basically learning how like learning the game a little bit differently you know like i i think there is too much focus on how many games someone has played what clubs that person is having etcetera etcetera and oh it started with maxop we're going to go into the rough but oh maybe not oh oh my god cut them short closed there uh maxwell peak first shot is not really the best way to start hitting perfect now like i i personally feel as i've said all every time with the road to glory i'm not saying that that goes for you htm churchill but i think so many posts out there people complaining about oh a good match up with someone that ten thousand games i only have played two thousand yeah yeah what what does it matter it just means that you are a better player than the other player like there is a reason why that person play on that level with more games than what you have is because that person is not as good as you are and we need to take all those type of things and make it like give us an advantage instead of looking at this as an entity thing in my opinion so and the only thing we need to focus on in tour plays to we're not going to make mistakes but then oh perfect win for him goddamn uh minimum but also that we are going to have to be legal lethal in shootouts okay 4.

2 is what i'm going to hit go here okay for all eternity yeah we need to play that one almost max distance there feel free to take some golden shots if you choose good luck buddy thank you so much coop of course we're gonna go some golden shots then appreciate that bro thank you so much give coop some boom and some love in the shot thank you so much let's hope our opponent doesn't drop this but uh pouring glaze and this wind it should honestly be uh um oh he goes rough bomb still yeah no matter what though if he's perfect oh that can't be an accurate adjustment i must miss left here yeah that was a sloppy adjustment there the member is 16 off the major do you know that aaron i haven't seen anything from play they make ah stevo shut up you know i i said to my friends like it honestly was karma that liverpool lost it was honestly karma that we lost so much because i was giving every man united friend completely understandable i beat the master players i'm only expert oneness now division doesn't really matter you know a way that i used to do before because when i matched that maxed out the game when it was tour 11.

i played with extra my level 5 in sniper 7.

obviously people didn't have apoc eights and stuff but people had a poke three support four support fives um but the thing that i did oh it's gonna be interesting the thing that i did he was that i actually put a little um this paper uh box above my opponent so i didn't see how many trophies my phone tag i didn't see um i couldn't click on it and stuff that helped me mentally just focus on my own game and i know it may sound silly but it helped me tremendously to focus on my own game you know and that was the only thing that i was looking for is to focus on my own game and make sure i gave myself the best possible can we oh we can yes [Music] so i'm gonna play this one what we're gonna have here apply minimum distance 3.

3 there only plan is to hit the rough here close maybe we could have gone max max backspin here just make sure that we got that one oh okay aaron i didn't know if you knew something i didn't so patreon.

com tommy uh please check it out again be ready for the wind changes having a guy when the wind changes come is going to be a massive advantage i cannot stress that enough obviously looking at kites is going to be different because in the end as is going to be 18 different winds for 18 different holes not in different holes but for 18 different wins for the 18 holes in opening round and wiki round and it's going to be tough to get as dialed in as before but my focus is going to be on the part 3s and the par 4s because that's going to be enough to win so yes as you can see my brother i don't know why he's not the moderator we're gonna make him moderator so my brother just helped us out to have a command that is exclamation mark rtg then you get the full playlist for the world of glory stream and can follow it from the start so everything everything is mentioned in episode episodes so episode 1 and then up to today episode 18.

what elevation in 40 percent minimum distance 40 percent okay so now coop our dear friend coop are making us be able to play the golden shot and the thing that i'm going to do is i'm going to play medium and the reason i'm going to play medium it's because i want king makers if we clear all the medium shot medium out i'm going to obviously go up to um too hard call being smart maybe okay let's go come on and touch the light blue 4.

8 is going to give us what will be 3.

1 [Music] i know that we can be oh it slowed down there need a little bit more backspin because that won't really lie yellow rainbow that's good that's okay okay let's see what we do get we can still get some good cards in medium here let's see malibu that's good cream huh i'm cole charles welcome buddy thanks so much oh some king makers again we want to stock up with king makers we're going to need them on the higher tourists not maybe so much on tour 10 but especially in tour 11 if we ever get there we'll say okay okay so we're gonna have almost like a straight tail here lead to let's do there again it's not really it's kind of like an in-between wind here high winds as well 3.

1 and if you're looking for the golden shot guide you obviously have the video here on youtube but the easiest way to find it for both divisions uh you go to the website called clash tommy.

com you have the video you have the text guide maybe it looks left here maybe not get in maybe it looks left here nice that was important now we should be able to clear this one out pretty easily shut up and dance is the next song in my headphone dane park welcome buddy christian welcome welcome welcome xlr8 welcome buddy yeah mubarak honestly we have played that one i think close to 10 times or something so that's just oh god crap okay eight king makers though i'm not gonna complain about that mentally to welcome buddy oh no no no you need to order a new phone until we're done you film nice get in like like when we have this so many times we we know how to play it play them obviously there is going to be we're not gonna automatically get all in once but it's a very simple setup here don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me i said you're holding back she said shut up and dance with me this woman is my destiny i'm gonna add a little bit more sidespin here though looks good boom there we go nice to hype it up you know nice hype it up directly in the mornings colleges in is ours big dog that's actually a good upgrade it's a good upgrade king makers okay two more rings maybe though how many shots do we have how many kings do we get from that one that's only two now we're gonna go over and play hard i'm gonna play hard the last three shots that we're gonna do um it's only like three king makers maybe we can be lucky here to get uh one of the two in the ones at least that would be nice okay zoom in here i said you're hurling back she said shut up and dance with me woman is my destiny 4.

7 get up and dance don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me you're holding back she said shut up and dance with me [Music] aaron thank you so much for that maybe we we then could use your donation error to uh to just get the rest of the chests here thank you so much for the donation and aaron as well thank you so much for subscribing to the channel appreciate the big time buddy okay just cards but we did get nine uh circuits like give aaron some booms thank you so much nice nice nice nice okay so three more shots to go no two more shots to go obviously not three but um see if we can't get the yellow one then how did it happen um today i look back 3.

7 rings i think it was yeah this alerted me that looks left eh i leave it too much curly speed was perfect though okay i want to get the yellow ring here as well that would be nice ah the rock that's nice alan nicole so thank you so much for subscribing to the channel jungle i mean just some crap epics though but i have a lot of berserkers and kingmakers and i think that's going to come pretty handy because i can use the circus in a good way as well that was a little bit too much curl pretty happy 3.

9 i'm gonna drop down into the bunker here okay tough wind you know we rather want to have the wind coming out of the side you know oh [Laughter] i wish we could do that around which we could do that ah that was a bummer uh okay so i'm gonna let you decide as aaron was the kind to donate for the golden shot as well as cope uh we only have one chest left on the hard one here we only have the two outer ones on the other on medium we will get six shots if we do get it would it what would you think so option one we save destination until the next next golden shot for this account and we get six shots that we can win a chest for everything otherwise we are maximum gonna get three shits two we play and get the rest of the chest so vote in the shot please either option one or option two and with that being said you you write one or two in the shot oh hey now i'm not gonna buy any ballpark because that's against the rules i'm i'm okay with the uh buying for the golden shot if i get donations uh okay so number one clearly beats that aaron thank you so much buddy i want to ask yes what's you and make the donation as well um i think that's not more than fair would you be okay for uh uh uh would you be okay for us to wait that would be the best for that count if you're not okay with it then i would go with it because it's your donation and your you i will say that you decide and we're gonna take one game on turn nine in between though that we're gonna do it would be the best to save it but again i don't want to as he donated for the gold so specifically so oh ben i could do that but that isn't that more expensive to buy single shots honestly okay let's play this this whole then we'll make a decision after that and aaron you're the tiebreaker no matter what so kind of import it stupid of me making a vote maybe you know i'm gonna add i've seen other streamers not in gold clash though but other streamers that has this little box coming up that that is like for hot words or something i may gonna add something like that okay aaron let's do it we're gonna do that we and i think we buy uh let's do single shots i think what would be best let's do it after this baby no no no no no i've been upon the roof bulletproof i didn't stop on my hands and then matt plus 20 for this one four rings oh ao being known that's word a plain song comes first we'll make we're gonna lay it over there yes and hopefully we're not gonna have a straight headwind good morning tommy hope you and your family are well we are just fine kai thank you so much appreciate you being here hope you are you and your family well as well okay good win now we can go for the rock pump in a good way so team thomas streams everyone you can see the command on the screen here down there exclamation mark team you will get to come on to everyone in the stream team make sure you check them out we have a link to them all in the description down below as well soon soon on the website it's gonna be nice gonna be nice nice nice i don't know hassan definitely knows how to play the game yes oh we flapped last tournament it's as i say golf clash our brothers okay dog income okay we're gonna play this one 30 over oh damn win hey [Music] foreign foreign oh i love it too much you know it's always getting so absolute nicolas everybody welcome welcome that was a bad shot to be honest i over adjusted that one way too much i like it hit the rough though so if you haven't subscribed please do let's do it everyone's seen the likely stats of the premium ball game expert with less open stability yeah i saw that then uh the forest ball and um it's correct actually it's one of the upcoming balls that's gonna come i won't win five balls can't i just get win five balls right oh they congrats that's what we want okay shifter come on we have two wins we want to get two more then we close out to nine okay this one we should be able to do all headwind that's gonna be an issue [Music] okay [Music] oh we could have done more i shake it out there it's still not a bad shot though but i'd like to be close on this one what's the difference in like key in makers and champions top three well nothing nothing abseil welcome buddy thank you so much appreciate that we're playing on tour night god i think we're gonna lose it just because of that 146 it's not really good enough here i'm not with that type of win i should have played one top game oh all right yeah that makes sense for the pullback there perfect bali wins great ball i think we have a chance now or not oh god that actually helped in the lockbox ah my own doing though even though he was lucky still my own doing yeah i need to be i need to put it closer than that i actually thought that he adjusted better than he did it looked better than than was expecting so i was surprised that we actually didn't win with um but it's great right there because the great ride if he had adjusted that properly a great ride would take the hump on the right side and move the ball way more right than he did than it did uh so i do feel a lot with a perfect we may would have won because i would have missed missed a bit left i think and also come in a bit hot i would have been tight though wouldn't be tight but in the end our undoing can you explain really quick when entering info into clash card and it's 10 elevation do you just enter the wind and elevation do we need to add extra percent on top no no no you don't need to add any extra elevation on top of that oh right sorry i forgot the golden shot i just got mad sorry after this my bad uh you just add the wind the elevation you don't need to add anything anything goddammit i said barry i'm doing fine buddy thank you so much how are you doing okay i'm gonna play this one max plus 10 it'll be 5.

8 you want to bounce into the rough and roll out nice depending on where we are now what type of way we'll see what we're gonna do john thank you so much oh i don't know if i get uh a rough pump i do have a rock bomb though but oh he goes max backping oh i would love to seen a rock bump here though i may go rough bump here to be honest i only have one side spin though so and very little top spin so we'll see there he goes max backspin there is his aiming point gonna to me toughness i don't have a bald garage in torture with paul you're going to use katana yeah i think it's going to be a mix between power 1 and power 2 maybe a stretch a power 3 ball depending on what like if i do have a a situation where we otherwise could forfeit them i may spend a power three ball i do have some gems that i've collected along the way and and will be using them to buy balls that's why why i'm not using them all right we could actually dunk it you are actually at a good point see if you can read that's actually a pretty spot on max distance dunk we're gonna go back distance thank you tough one as i cannot zoom in as much as i want oh so close oh no oh you know that's the reason we do take with the dunk let's see how close poop ah oh yeah let's see if we can make it from the rough though i was actually pretty unlucky i thought we're gonna bounce backwards but maybe that was uh better i don't know close close oh yeah we're gonna go golden shot of the this here hope we can save it i don't have a good rock firing so whoa i say hey ash welcome welcome welcome welcome okay good yeah you know it could have easily dropped i maybe need a decimal extra that's cool it's cool okay tailwinner crosswind please don't give me a headwind okay that's actually good and we can also go for the rock bomb because here we do have an issue as if you remember from the last time we had headwind and had to bounce on the pad our opponent could go rough bomb easy win on the bottom is the way are you ah i submerge already here buddy didn't we play heisenberg i met an account called the heisenberg though this uh tuesday okay dude that's a little left curl perfect ball and see if the left curl it looks left though depending on what spin here so yeah okay you know we if you don't beat this it's is i'm gonna visit y'all should be winning this one nice ronnie wood thank you so much and welcome everybody thank you thank you thank you much appreciated nice okay now golden shot let's go it's gonna open up some chests here as well yay morning buddy thank you so much for the good luck appreciate it rough cutter sand laser oh oh please please give me cypher 7 then we have a 4.

5 ball guideline oh yeah come on there we go there we go let's let go right more power and a better ball guideline there we go oh we have the malibu to upgrade as well let's freaking do it ah that's a massive one that like the upgrade from six and seven is absolutely massive okay let's go in golden shot come on okay let's do like this we spend and what do we have we have six jobs so yeah it's believe that i can i'm the one that get a love dead oh not even close ah you know that wind actually was not the wind that i wanted to have there i honestly need to remove some side spin there the thing for me there is hard to judge if we do have more crosswind or when you have a headwind on that type of shot uh obviously a 1.

8 size beam would have been way way better always when it's the last one like that you know it's um [Music] okay this one should be better though don't get you i don't even wanna try am i supposed to won't go bye under good luck da da i could take it back there we go there we go ah nice obviously a boom for clearing it out apart now we're gonna go over to medium and do the same there extra mile that's good actually saturn fake topper and then some berserker balls nice so cleared it out took how many shots to play too nice and now we shouldn't be needed more what power setting would be golden ball would be tommy power one running power one good morning from the gray skies in yorkshire i hope you're welcoming good day all your comments section captain rational welcome everybody thank you so much being here thanks so much hope you're doing well yeah honestly guys if we don't clear out um if we don't clear out the medium the two out the rings then yeah awesome iceberg well done yeah it was a good one tough one to make but good one was done two rays um why not do i'm holding one when we don't need it did you see the forest ball someone got in the crisp yes i saw it i saw it nice one more shot for the outer ring let's do it [Music] thank you so much for subscribing to the channel four six is going to give me three rings and again now we're only looking to get the last ring doesn't matter what the outcome will be with the shot three rings so we should be getting it a little short though grabbing yellow ring otherwise nice take it nitin welcome buddy haven't checked that i haven't checked i think ben has played them i don't know like apparently there is no changes at all both for that one as well obviously we cleared it all out let's go thank you so much coop and aaron for the donation of the shot let's go 229 and let's continue now we need to change chairs for april 7 and malibu that's sniper 7 it's honestly super duper massive two more games to win we do have on um on tour nine you just made a new account don't play two matches and four and fifty tropes match up with the player had twenty thousand matches and one and a half billion coins is that fair what does it matter if i may ask what does it matter i'm honestly curious what does it matter and again don't take me as rude honestly curious buddy [Music] logan foreign to get on looks right though am i home from rock yeah i might go for a rough here but before i go do you think you will unlock the next lock tour in this stream uh i hope so i hope sarah i hope so i it all depends like always the last couple of games are the toughest ones you know now we're playing against players that are very skilled for playing tour nine you know like maxed out or nine players basically and they should know what they're doing so see if he does have right curl on it as well see if that helped him i did not need it yes aaron i will do that that is the only thing that i'm kind of allowed to buy okay i honestly may just go okay i'm gonna go there gonna come in a little bit the hot no it died on us i knew that was uh going to be a possibility that's why i really don't enjoy that bald guy line though he had max clubs and had x-men three a lot of shootout but it's not easy to win so we so i should keep the trophies as slow as possible and offend the squirrel no if you lose the shoot lost in shootout then it doesn't matter what opponent played the opponent could have played a million games or if he could play the one the only thing that you can control is how you play and if you do your job and i say your job which is to make sure that in the first five tours to be within four yards in every shootout then when you get higher up you need to be closer than that but within four yards and be shooting you will win more than 50 of the games you will probably win around 70 to 80 percent of the games okay and if you do that you will win more than 50 and then doesn't matter which opponent you play doesn't matter if your opponent has a pocket it's like 10 doesn't matter i'm i'm honestly just looking at for us to mentally look at our own gameplay not our not use our opponents set like clubs or ball or whatever as as a reason for why we lost if i would be doing this here i would have lost basically every single game so always play tour play you play a part 4 for the birdie you play a part 5 for the eagle and you play the shootout to be within a specific yard if you lose well played your opponent don't play if you win well done then you will not get that mad either like i used to get so mad way back in the game when i played with lower level clubs and i was looking for a pond oh dude that that dude had like um really really good clubs and stuff like that um but i changed my mindset and since i changed my mindset i have a different focus i'm not getting into losing streaks because i understand okay yeah i didn't do it as well as i need to do here then i don't really deserve to win win it either it may be easy for me to say guys and i'm not trying to be rude you just want us all to you really think about our own gameplay first if you made uh let's say that their opponent has a very good setup and reach the green on a par four where you which you can all sit i if we lose that one just because i was a stupid idiot i think we did that oh yuck what did he have yes oh [Music] yeah okay the thing i was going to say the last part if her opponent and you match up on a part four or your opponent reach green and you cannot fight then i understand i would complain myself but i'm i'm talking in general now um in a general way of looking at playing the game but i can promise you if you are within four yards in the first five tours in shootout you will will win more than 50 of games and you will uh obviously that makes that you don't make a mistake in the regulator play like you're playing for birdie you play for eagle if you do that you're gonna win so many games outright because people make mistakes you shouldn't tell me what is your opinion when you break your own rules uh my opinion is sloppy like it's um i i'm not i i shouldn't win like if if i don't if i don't do what i know needs to be done i don't i don't deserve to win that's just how it is don't tail with me yeah thanks so i'm i'm very harsh towards myself and because i literally don't don't think i deserve to like i shoot that like i did now before with six yards if i would lost that it's not my opponent's fault because he played with epoch six or cat six my fault no one else and again guys you guys know me i'm i'm being mad as well you know obviously we're gonna be mad in situations stuff like that but again i'm i want us look at it in a different way it has helped me tremendously trust me because i've done the same thing before joe i'm doing fine thank you i'm doing fine how are you doing thank you for good luck benjamin see you next time buddy have a good night thanks so much being here oh wow he's okay andy let's hope i can we can find a license here though jason's going well today we have one loss four wins and then cleared out both of the golden shot thanks to aaron and coop so good start yeah do that tom i have no doubt that you will uh will win more than you lose you know keep it up buddy oh okay sorry i was so into uh i were you so into what what i was talking about [Music] [Music] so hey mike typson welcome in here how can it scroll up not coop then okay or was it then yeah yeah i'll never go short in line i hate that that makes me so pissed off every time and it happens so often nowadays it feels like it's as long as i started to think about it happens all the time i don't know guys follow me on instagram please do mateo turned six months yesterday right turn i don't know if you call it like that but in six months now and girl's like insane hey tommy everyone let's rock the joint tommy hey billy welcome and he's all because of you oh ash i don't know i don't know mike i don't know i don't know i don't know doing something we'll see it's gary and make them they are awesome though time to redemption no headwind off oh ah okay what am i gonna do here i honestly hope he missed this one okay what should i do i may maybe gonna do something weird here move right that's a good way of doing it i don't do it when i don't have the ball guideline because there is so much guesswork for myself so oh that was a good that was a good great length oh no it looked good for him then how can you miss adjust so much that this still with a double great left becomes this wrestled god damn it though shouldn't be shouldn't be allowed [Music] i must be doing knowing my speech i'm most likely gonna go in between clothes but almost two and a half ah i may be too low low on the old power here roll frost big boy come on [Music] oh there we go get in there definitely been worried on that one now we're maxed out tour nine they'll freaking go happy welcome brother welcome here we go yes i think we matched up didn't we max up out out we did oh why do i have two or six trophies oh it's because i tried to find uh uh okay i know why it's because i tried to find tournament courses on 36 a while back i am um oh it's so stupid yeah but i'm not gonna go down to two or six that's gonna be a process for itself and there you go because the reason i have it is because i i was looking for tournament courses uh a while back and i needed to do this account so yeah [Music] but we're gonna play here i'm nervous okay i'm gonna stock up a little bit with balls here and so i'm gonna stock up with some balls um i'm just thinking sniper obviously gonna be in one bag cataclysm in one bag maybe gonna do this one with this one instead yeah if we're gonna use this we're gonna use it for his power not for anything else name okay let's go in let's go tour number 10 yeah i will have to max tour six gonna be just replay so it's gonna be a super duper tough but okay i missed the talent question almost that i wanted to see it you know seem to be in the weirdest way you know we just need to think where we in this one tailwind we don't really need anything here it's so key to me love love your love killer we okay it's gonna be fun tell me how do you have all those circus and king makers gold and short adrian this account has been with us for a long time so golden shot and you know king makers uh sometimes from pinches and stuff like that but mostly golden shot and also you know tour play unlocked package those are the only package that i buy the tour unlock package oh he's going for green do it please don't go green on the first game buddy i need to give me a little break here at the start say rough okay that's better now i want to win tour 10.

this is tough everyone that has ever played tour 10 knows how tough it is and now we play with crap club so we don't really have much leeway here so only a 13 point day you're a mother oh [Music] that means left perfect would have been close perfect would have been clueless also close to the bunker okay let's shoot out let's see which one we get hey ash brother welcome it's the only difference between these holes on tour 1060t uh yeah it is you play from frontie on tour sixth and second turtle tour ten red beard thank you so much for following stream on twitch by the welcome okay see what their opponent is doing see if he where's the pin oh no great left was good for him god oh no it wasn't shootout time i really want to win the first game it's such a good confidence there is some real killers here on tour 10 um and you know i'm not really i'm not a killer here that's for gonna sure me friends where is it probably one of my favorite songs forgive me friends with smith and tell okay give me a oh no no no um [Music] you can come closer to the edge yeah you know that was completely by feeling i honestly didn't remember how to play that one so we should definitely not be playing that one we just backspin uh yuck or maybe just don't do the full adjustment there we're gonna lose this one god damn it ah mixtape welcome yeah this is how you play it so perfect bali wins oh maybe not use more backspin than i did and further back as well maybe depends on how you adjust though this is a tough one oh maybe maybe it's going to be close could be clueless it'll be close i take it yes good start for us rupees thank you so much appreciate it oh gee my good thank you so much for one bit give oj my goose and move my loving shot thanks so much you know thank you so now we're going to open up here so we can um get some tortentius maybe we save the gold here oh i think now it's your 10 time change in every tournament 39 is free even let's go first game go on tour 10 is not loved that's what i can say i don't think there is many people that love to attend except for those that absolutely kill it true man they give it a good luck we're playing tour ten oh hold five it's a coinci which one's always this one we don't want tailwind here i think but then we need to go for green good to get the new holes though or like not new but semi-new holes uh yep i'm gonna have a rice here you know don't really need anything else in the power one ball here we're just gonna lay up no point in uh trying to do anything specific here oh went in the rough oh how hot am i i would look good but we should be able to read so sorry i had to do that my bad okay our opponent missed though that's too bad this is a good win for us to play the second shot if we would have been doing the shot better okay i need to learn that a little bit too much obviously too much [Music] yeah yes i can get it down there though that's the only thing that matters to be honest a lot of people grind or tell myself including i love it now but didn't find these at first going to interest when courses are interchanged uh more frequently yeah for sure then uh i i kind of don't hope i get to meet up with any of you beasts here in georgia it wouldn't be it would be fun but fun to lose okay let's go to shootout yeah it's because i adjust from a lower to a higher point dripping that's why [Music] so so when you adjust from uh oh he's doing a no no movement stuff for you know hey brush welcome welcome to night okay let's see how he plays perfect ball looks good i look left depending on spin though oh that's good well played that's a good play i don't have the backspin so i don't know if he would be serious apparently that was funny i don't get those people that oh it's gonna be an issue you know we we need to at least test i don't know how 4.

1 backspin is going to help us though but i'll see here i'm most likely going to have to bounce before the bunker that's how i feel little boys hanging down behind oh yeah i'm gonna have to bounce before the bunker here uh if i'm not having like a straight straight uh straight headwind this guy a douche or what oh yeah okay good to learn that then we're gonna have to bounce before that i love when i hit a crap shot not when someone else say well play you don't laugh that's a douchey move gopher3 i'm doing fine thank you we're up battling on tour 10 here it's gonna be very interesting i honestly don't think we could have done that much better maybe to a stretch one five but i would have been super duper um i honestly may going to play with the guardian here may go away may go guardian just because of the shootouts like there is another one as well with backspin yeah i think that's gonna be the case i think i'm gonna do that because the backspin is so valuable there if i would be having the the enough backspin i would have won that one [Music] i will see you know again we're just going to try to keep going here with the you know again we're looking to win more than 50 of games that's like the only thing that i'm looking at yeah that's a different story ash i would never say well played if there was uh if the shot was uh worthless never i'm not that i left guy dots when i was swept by the ocean and every pulse from the tide was a finish line a wave phrase we were made to ride you and i were first okay why not choose navigate your headwind side spin on shootout do you think thor summer level three is good enough harlan one on sunshine blaze hole one tough but uh yeah tough ah it's possible i guess but tough uh yes rupee and i apologize absolutely like the drive here i played ten percent over adjacent i'm gonna play the same for the second shot ten percent as well what i'm gonna do this one is a very difficult one to sync because it's so old oh it's actually gaming hotter than i expected but like here on tour 10 it's like drone 9 i'm not expecting people to make mistakes in the same way people are too good for that uh and honestly like playing tour 10 is good for me because tour 10 yeah that's practice nice my god mr lockbox miss the luck box but i take it though oh my god i didn't expect that one come on thank you bro money ah okay good i guess [Music] always this one i saw what i don't really know how we're gonna play this one you know me why you may you scroll it over there would have been honestly been better uh i met you and made over might over curl it here guys that works oh so long time ago i played some of these souls though so it takes some time for me to think a little bit lucky there as i had to rush it so that worked out well then sony there oh this one is nice so yeah i'm gonna go like 20 minutes more like three four five games ish lunch time oh it's going a power hook interesting oh that's good for us though but uh this is something that i don't understand like why why do you go with a power hook when you don't need it like what is it is it trying to go for green with that shot [Music] i guess it's just because i'm not good enough myself for power hooks that i kind of question decisions like that so i'm only gonna look to get this one the green [Music] so i do think their opponent is going to be held for right to left wind there if i may ask you guys do you go with a lot of power hooks and power slides when you play tour play i think i think yeah i should be able to manage from there gonna be tough a lot of curl rough bumping out or something i know jacob thank you so much buddy good luck [Music] are you as good as playing on a phone than i have manually ipa is better i'm definitely not as good on a phone mentally though it takes time it takes time to get adapted to a different device especially when it's a different size so so i'm definitely better on iphone mini than a phone oh that's well played that's a well played on that one well freaking done obviously he didn't need to get himself in the situation from the start but really really nice save from there [Music] uh okay good to know does the right wind mean tailwind always or could it be a headwind that you do a power slice or a powerhook okay let's take our third win here this one is tough to get the get close uh because of old darn it okay i'm i'm gonna lie i'm pretty pleased that i'm not going first it's going to be very difficult to get this ball to stop in time so see how hopefully our opponent give me a bit more than give me a little bit more than two yards i can't see yeah you know that's that's honestly not a bad shot it's like um yeah we'll see here oh 15.

you make me we don't even have to try no oh my god i should have played uh well played good game to our opponent goddammit this one is tough oh okay i guess we need a couple of losses like this just get into the feeling of what spin i'm gonna use poopy i am so so we're still 50 like uh one one two lost two but uh it's not really good enough there but um i should have just removed the backspin that one would have been fine but easy to say now afterwards ah oh i should have gone with the guardian oh right ah close close it's always a good time then it's always a good time keep the quarterback if possible here oh this is gonna roll nice aaron i wish i was like playing without any notes and playing just by experience and feel obviously i use clash caddy but uh with these holes it's um it's gonna take a little while before i'm i'm dialed in enough so i can get those wins a little bit easier but obviously it's definitely not good enough in um in terms of wrestle so i can't blame anything you know doesn't matter once again what club he had how many games he had played if i cannot keep it within you know four yards on that one then i'm not gonna win don't go green on me dude oh that's a good shot that's a good shot we'll play so why do you like kokacho bay eh maybe a little bit i guess there is a little funnel there but i don't really think that's gonna be something that we can use here not really close this one i would power her yeah i i um i would guess that some of you would do that and i think i would do that as well if i would be having a club for it tommy was a good guy for tour 10 uh there is uh you know i have on my website but obviously the patreon guys the text guys are the best ones in my opinion but those that do not give out for free but if you're looking at three guys plexus you know then we have plenty of people playing tour tennis stream ben plays terror 10 for example and then you have freebie you guys on my website you do have the you know tony and their guys as well i think they are on plex so um or they can misguide i don't know really it's uh there is tons of stuff for tortendo tons of stuff on tour 10.

i think tour 10 is probably the tour there where there is the most guides out there because most of the players get stuck on tour 10.

um that's why tour 10 is tough you know i personally have always felt that tour 10 suffered a tour 11 tour 12.

blazing my heart it's happening in the hole in the hole okay i think we're gonna be punished for now not getting the guardian but i don't think so i'm happy with that you know i don't think i can do that that much better so within three years in this one i'm i'm honestly pleased you know that's that's cool oh actually i don't know i'm probably falcon maybe no morning tommy just got 20 million coins that enough to move out on tour now yes it is it is make sure though to give get yourself prepared when um before make sure you do study the shoot that people go up there though yeah he's going the backspin shot i er tailwind i don't know how this one would kick back though but maybe we'll be good what elevation play twenty percent ripping max plus twenty max plus twenty okay so we're mixing it so give them let's do three games with our opponent here um if he wants to and that's going to be the end oh no oh no i think i'm gonna go here's gonna be our first power three ball our phone is to go green i do hope i'm not making any stupid mess here um baby i got the love fire and two three film oh four feet uh it's gonna be a tough one there uh i know there's a funnel on that one i could have gone power two ball as well here finally beat villa yeah going titan here in this one and the these are the situations i may pull out the power three ball or something like that to make sure because our phone is gonna make it over yeah he has better clothes so the and if i don't make it over my chamfron eagle is gonna massively decrease i could have obviously aimed more right it's gonna be tough which i'm gonna fly long though i will play i'll play okay i need to sync this one otherwise we're gonna lose okay that was actually pretty kind window debate the beat oh [Music] yeah yep as i said those are the mistakes we cannot do right yeah yes take it and then let's go to the third game then and that's going to be the final one god oh yeah i know that for the next time that john and there is a lot of wind guides up there like first i think it's important for you to identify what you struggle with in terms of wind okay okay um ah now i should have gone with the bald guy line through the hole it's like it's a rookie mistake guys rookie mistake rookie mistake oh yeah we are winning one losing one winning one losing one and that's okay i guess in the start but um definitely have to earn every win here that's cool uh so as i said first start by and identify what you need what you want and or slash need to improve and then you can always in after that um just send me and my team an email and can point in the right direction in the right direction okay [Music] no we're gonna change here and the height comes with this a beast puppies [Music] [Applause] i mean oh um okay it's gonna just adjust on the fly here guys i really don't know how many rings it's gonna be but particularly yeah sit i surpassed welcome um yes y'all i'm just happy to help thank you sam thank you there we go the key oh my god someone screenshot this please the mama let's build the whole thing protect your body great ball in the hole with oh yeah now we needed the guardian let's see what's going on i don't know i really don't remember what i should play here so i probably play this one probably play this one really wrong i don't know i don't know it's gonna be four guys i don't care if you lose that one so nice hey boys you heard about the shades these days what's this about i think it's absolutely ridiculous and the chase is that someone throws uh that emoji uh oh that oh now i i came out as rude that wasn't my intention to my opponent but if uh if you do throw shades then that means that you play like one to one so if you win the first game you give the opponent the other one if you lose the first game your opponent gives you the other one uh yeah he's gonna win here oh i won maybe i think it's absolutely ridiculous i don't give games i won't do that either if someone gives me shades i will give shades back but i won't be giving the game so for me shades doesn't doesn't mean like that um like when i started playing the game when someone throw me shades was because you knew with that person um and that's how i do today if i know a person i throw shades that doesn't mean i give you one to one i again i know it's a way of get more clam points and such but i do think personally i've said that so many times i think it's absolutely ridiculous uh absolutely ridiculous and um and apparently every almost everyone is doing that in tour 12.

i'm really really happy i'm not playing tour 12 because honestly people would get pissed because i don't keep games like but i don't want to so for those that wants to do it do it you know i but my personal opinion is that it's ridiculous david i apologize for the emoji in the end i was just trying to portray something that wasn't my intention to destroy anything for you uh and thank you for the game thank you so much the first sniping at least that admitted that sniped so guys um was a good run on on tour 9 and tour 10.

we are plus on tour 10 we are uh one game um so um that was nice we clea you know cleared out to nine as well which also was awesome so but it's gonna be difficult on tour 10.

i hope to mainta i hope to get up to like a 70 75 win percentage on tour 10 i do not expect to you know clear it out just on one sweep um so um but it's gonna be a battle and i'm gonna we're gonna do more road to glory uh the week after the tournament i don't do any road to glory during the tournament as you i there is unfortunately no time so um so i appreciate each and every one of you for being here i really do so it was a nice and lovely little stream here this friday so once again thank you so much for watching guys um i will be back on monday uh is when i will be back with the way the tournament comes up make sure you get your package on patreon have in mind that it looks like we will see win changes in tournament this month to come not the next tournament but the tournament after that so if you do want to test out our guides and see how much advantage you will get then make sure you subscribe and be ready for them um so link in the description down below also don't forget to subscribe to the channel we're closing into 70 000 i will be amazing when or if we reach that ben is going live in approximately i think one hour if i'm not mistaken make sure you check him out that goes for all the other streamers as well obviously have a great day everyone.