Su-ji: Remember that hustle play of yours? The one Hyo-jin mentions often (Last week) Su-ji: When the ball came up to you even though you were on the floor (We found the clip guys!) During a rally Team Korea's attack being blocked! Kim falls to the ground and saves the ball But the ball goes up to Kim again Did you see that Hinata?! The opponent's ball curves in as it hits the net Kim dives in to save the ball The ball once again goes up to Kim And Kim ends the rally! Bread Unnie!! @kimyk10 (Starting the second review) Kim: “I am sorry for this but.



” (Kim repeating the line in Japanese) Kim: As you guys know, I do speak some Japanese (Kim played two seasons for JT Marvelous) Hyo-jin: Then you must understand what they are talking about Kim: I do Su-ji: He aimed for the empty spot! Kim: Can a person be that confident? Hyo-jin: They received that powerful serve Q.

Which one is more difficult? Serve receive or digging? Su-ji: We middle blockers do not participate in serve receive Su-ji: But I think serve receive is much more difficult Kim: I agree to that Hyo-Jin: Me too Su-ji: In digging, you just have to keep the ball from hitting the floor Su-ji: Whereas serve receive demands accuracy Kim: When you do serve receive, you have to send the ball to a specific spot (above the setter’s head) Kim: The setter's hands are where the tactics begin Kim: But in digging, you just have to put the ball into the air before it hits the ground Hyo-jin: There are some attacks that are difficult to save, and we understand that Hyo-jin: But a serve receive error leads to losing a point right away so the mistake seems larger that digging Kim: Serve receive is definitely much harder! (The serve receive is about to go over the net!) Su-ji: Did he just catch that ball? Player: “The setter touched the first ball!” (The reviewers are amazed by the detail) Hyo-jin: We too automatically move into places where we need to be in situations like that (The setter contacts the second ball) Kim: Isn’t he the libero? Hyo-jin: Why is his uniform color different? There are two options in setting the ball when the libero has two feet inside the attack line.

When the libero does an 1.

Overhand set: The hitter must hit the ball in a standing position2.

Underhand set: The hitter can hit the ball as they want to Kim: He set the ball from outside the attack line! Hyo-jin: Oh then it is possible Su-ji: He didn’t step on the line? Kim: He jumped from the outside while setting the ball Su-ji: I think the libero set the ball from the setter’s position Kim: But he did jump over the attack line from the outside Kim: Let’s watch the scene again! (Outside the attack line) Kim: Told you! He didn't step inside the attack line! Hyo-jin: You can often find that kind of moves in Japanese volleyball Hyo-jin: I wonder if they do a lot of practice on that Kim: Nowadays, many liberos practice that move Su-ji: Yes, they give it a try Kim: The libero tries to do an overhand set Kim: while jumping from outside of the attack line Kim: Because if the libero does an overhand set while his or her feet are inside the attack line Kim: The attacker can only hit the ball in a standing position Kim: That move seems a bit unrealistic because the ball is too close to the net Kim: It becomes easier to set the ball if it is closer to the attack line Hyo-jin: These up-to-date scenes surprises me Su-ji: I think the creator exaggerated the volleyball moves based on realistic situations Hyo-jin: Right, the animation exaggerates the actual events Kim: As I mentioned before, this animation is definitely created by a person who has high understanding for volleyball Kim: The moves are portrayed in super detail Kim: Those are actual volleyball moves Su-ji: It also shows what the players are thinking at the moment Kim: This animation is incredible Hyo-jin: They are playing really well Su-ji: He aimed for the empty spot Kim: Again? Su-ji: The perfect spot All: Did it go out? All: The ball went out Q.

What is the definition of a good serve? Su-ji: A strong serve can be called as a good serve Hyo-jin: It is a good serve when it scores right away Su-ji: It is also a good serve if it goes with the team’s strategy Hyo-jin: Yes, when it can hit the vulnerable spot of the opposing team Kim: At every weak spots Su-ji: When it goes with the team strategy Kim: The receiver was standing deep inside the court Kim: The server was aware of that fact so he tried to hit the ball to the sideline Kim: Unfortunately, the ball slightly missed the line Kim: So even if the receiver caught the ball, it wouldn’t have gone perfectly to the setter Kim: It would mess up the opposing team's tactics Hyo-jin: That kind of serve can also be considered as good serve Su-ji: Although it ended up in an error, it was a good serve since it distracted the receivers Kim: I personally think that a serve must be always strong Su-ji: I think it would be wise for the team to go with various styles(in order to confuse the opposing team) Su-ji: Some players can focus on hitting to the target while others can go with the hard serve Kim: Yeah, because there are many styles such as ones that curve or others that drop out of the sudden Su-ji: The meaningful goggles! Kim: Sure thing! (Hinata’s attack gets blocked) Hyo-jin: Are they going to cover the ball? Kim: Of course they should! Hyo-jin: Will there be players behind Hinata’s back? All: Of course! Su-ji: Why are we cheering for them? lol Player: Hinata cannot see the blockers in front of him because he is burning inside!” Hyo-jin: I think he was just thinking to himself Kim: No, he said it out loud Kim: Burning inside? What does that mean? Kim: Eun-hee! We don’t get this part! Does it mean that he has a fever or something? All: “Hinata cannot see the blockers in front of him because he is burning inside!” Hee-seung Oh (Eun-hee's husband): It means that he got too excited (impatient) Hyo-jin: The excitement narrowed his vision Su-ji: So he became short-sighted because of his impatience Hyo-jin: He is missing the whole flow Kim: Actually, we do think about those stuffs inside the court Hyo-jin: We can think about it but we don’t say it out loud Hyo-jin: We don’t say, “She cannot see the blockers in front of her because she is burning inside!” Su-ji: We would just say, “Pull yourself together!” Kim and Hyo-jin: Right! Su-ji: And then say no more Kim: We would just say it like that during rallies Su-ji: “My ball! Leave it! Come! Come!” Hyo-jin: One of the players spanked Hinata's bottom in order to cool him down Kim: He kicked Hinata to cool him down? Hyo-jin: Yes! That is totally you lol Kim: That is a possible scenario Su-ji: That is too real Kim: That can happen guys Su-ji: But is doesn’t make sense because the ball is still alive Kim: We do jokingly hit each other Kim: We go like, “Hey! Wake up!” Kim: We even say things such as, “Please give me a slap!” Kim: “I can’t pay attention! Please slap me hard!” Hyo-jin: “I will do it for you!” Kim: We would also swear at that person This is what happens when you get slapped by a volleyball player.



Kim: “What is wrong with me today?!”(All of them reenacting the situation) Kim: There are many situations like that Kim: He should have straighten his arms Su-ji: That can be seen as a showing off posture Q.

What comes to your mind when you see the back of your hitter? Hyo-jin: Do you guys watch the back? Don't we just watch the ball? Su-ji: We see the back of the hitter when we are covering for that person Kim: We do see the hitter’s back Su-ji: When we are covering for that player Su-ji: At that moment I say to myself, “Please score!” Kim: I don’t have much thought at that moment Su-ji and Hyo-jin: That is a B set! Hyo-jin: Hinata hits a lot of quick sets Kim: Wait, that was a delayed spike! Hyo-jin: I am not exactly sure.

But I don't think it was a delayed spike Su-ji: The ball rotates a lot Kim: Now hold on Su-ji: It looked like a B set but it also seemed like he hit the ball from a higher spot Hyo-jin: It looked as if the set got suddenly higher Su-ji: Oh, so he is remembering the past.

Then that is a B set (Hinata remembering when he was blocked in the past) Hyo-jin: Even the shape of the blocking is portrayed in detail Hyo-jin: And it even portrays the space between the two blockers Kim: It is very detailed-oriented Kim: I am sure that the creator of this animation has high volleyball knowledge Kim: That person made this animation in detail Hyo-jin: I get why Haikyu has many fans Kim: The more I watch it, the more I get surprised by it Kim: There are so many up-to-date scenes Hyo-jin: Also, the creator seems to know what the players have in mind Kim: The creator must have been a volleyball player in the past! Kim: Didn’t you mention that the creator use to be a volleyball player? (One of the comments: The creator played volleyball in middle and high school) Su-ji: During a game, we cannot say everything what we have in our minds Su-ji: So I think the writer exaggerated the scenes a little bit so that the audience can relate to it Hyo-jin: Yeah, the creator tries to showwhat the players actually think inside the court Su-ji: He tried to explain the actual dialogue through animation Kim: The more I watch Haikyu, the more I fall into it Kim: It really surprises me Su-ji: It was fun Kim: It is an incredible animation Su-ji: it is really detailed (The trio spending the day with fun by reviewing Haikyu) Kim: So do you guys have plans to watch Haikyu in the future? Hyo-jin: Actually, I wanted to watch it in the past Hyo-jin: Through this opportunity, I think I am going to start watching it Su-ji: I am going to watch Haikyu because Su-ji: Because after hearing about the meanings behind the goggles Su-ji: I want to find that goggles scene, and form a bond of sympathy Su-ji: Don't you think I should watch that scene? Kim: I think Su-ji is going to watch it but not you Hyo-jin: What makes you so sure about that? Kim: She is not going to watch it! 100%! Kim: I learned a lot about volleyball though Haikyu today Hyo-jin: I think people would fall in love with volleyball when they see this animation Su-ji: By watching Haikyu today, I felt that I should put more energy while playing volleyball Eun-hee Ha and her husband Hee-seung Oh: We just watched the entire episode lately Eun-hee: We watched the entire episode in a month Eun-hee: I can even say that we grew up with Haikyu Eun-hee: I highly recommend this animation to teenagers Eun-hee: I use to play volleyball while my husband here didn’t Eun-hee: What do you think about the animation? Husband: It was fun Eun-hee: I was surprised when Kim noticed that the libero set the ball while not stepping on the attack line Eun-hee: That is actually one of the strongest strategies of that team! Eun-hee: So when Kim noticed it right away, it showed her high volleyball knowledge Kim: You heard that! THE END (feat.

air kisses).